ANT. PETROF 136 (53.5'')

Petrof ceremonially unveiled the first ANT.PETROF model after seven years of development in 2014 in honour of Antonín Petrof, who founded the firm in 1864. Over the next two years they completed the brand's portfolio - it comprises two grand pianos (AP 275, AP 225) and one upright (AP 136). Only the most experienced of PETROF's specialists are involved in its construction, using the best quality European materials and technology. The result is a timeless design and a unique sound, of particular appeal to the most discerning customers.

Renner-ANT. PETROF. For the highest possible action stability, there are four action bracket used in the AP 136

Dense maple wood bridges facilitate excellent transmission of strings vibrations to the soundboard.

Key bed
The solid key bed (45 mm thick) made out of cross laminated birch wood provides structural integrity of the instrument. This ensures longevity to action regulation and accuracy for pianists.

These new ergonomically designed solid brass pedals are made to simulate more of a grand piano feel. They are wider, lower to the ground, and incorporate a fully adjustable wooden mechanism.

This elegant recessed slow-close fallboard system is the same as you would find on a high quality grand piano. 

Iron plate
Computerized (CNC) drilling of the cast iron plate generates an accurate and consistent framework for precision scale design. Exact speaking lengths of the strings result in optimal vibrations which produce a bright, singing tone.

This full surround frame also contains more open areas which enable greater resonance coming from the soundboard.

The newly designed, European solid spruce soundboard provides an incredibly full dynamic range while retaining PETROF's characteristic romantic tonal color. It is called a "floating" soundboard which contains areas unattached to the frame, freeing the vibration of the board.

Wooden frame
The joint and tenon frame of the AP136 is what you would expect to find on high-grade finished carpentry. While the six solid spruce back posts are carved by computerized lathe (CNC) for precision fit, the frame is completely built by hand.

Cut-off bars
There are two cut of bars used in AP 136 construction


This piano comes with Petrof Pianos 10 year manufacturer warranty.

It includes:

  • New matching bench
  • Free local delivery
  • 1 in-home tuning
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

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